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At FastHouseMoney.com we buy houses fast across Arizona. If you are looking for a guaranteed fair all cash offer, then get in touch with us. We deal with you in a no-hassles and no-obligation manner. If you have been trying to sell your home and it has taken you months and you are still no closer to finding a buyer, then you know that you have been doing something wrong. The good news is that FastHouseMoney.com is there to help. If I said to you that I am looking for someone who will buy my house and you said to me that looking for a buyer who pays the right amount of money is hard, then you will only be stating the obvious.

We, at FastHouseMoney.com will ensure that your home is sold quickly and that you also get a good return on your investment. If you need cash for your home, we are willing to pay you cash. Even if your property has been neglected and banks are not willing to finance you, we are there to step in and provide you with the money that you need.

There are several reasons why people want to sell their homes. It could be because they lost their jobs or they are planning on relocating. It could also be because of the demise of a loved one or because of military deployment or even medical issues. No matter what the reason you want to sell your house, we have a solution for you.

The real estate market can intimidate even the hardiest person, which is why we at FastHouseMoney.com are there to provide uncomplicated solutions to your needs. Many people overlook the option of selling a home for cash. However, selling your home for cash is very effective. In fact, selling a home for cash is beneficial in many ways; it allows you to close the deal quickly and you won’t need to spend money on repairing your home. Best of all, you are spared the need of filling out complicated documents.

As the financial situation has tightened up in the recent past, and with more people complaining about low appraisals, it makes sense for you to get help from the pros. When you contact us at FasthouseMoney.com we will teach you how to sell your home for cash. Our collaborative cash offers are very fair and just and we will take care of all closing costs as well as associated fees.

No matter what condition your house is in, we can buy it from you. Whatever is your price range and location, we are interested in paying you cash for your home.

Many people try to sell their homes but they run into roadblocks sooner or later. Even enlisting a real estate agent may not help. When you try to sell a home on your own or through a real estate agent there is always a risk that after weeks of negotiating that the buyer pulls out of the deal at the eleventh hour, or their bank loan is not sanctioned.

We, at FastHouseMoney.com can help you sell your home anywhere in Arizona and we already serve Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler and Glendale as well as the rest of the Copper State. All that you need to do in order to avail of our expert services is fill out a form and get complimentary consultation as well as a free offer, and more.

meet-doug-hopkins  Doug Hopkins has been recognized as one of the top buyers of foreclosure properties in the western United States, and has been featured as a real estate expert on local and national television. He has sold well over 10,000 homes in his career. Doug is originally from Bedford Hills, New York. He moved to Arizona in 1987 and attended Mountain View High School in Mesa. He graduated from Arizona State University with a major in real estate, and in 1994 obtained his real estate license. Through incredible discipline and dedication to helping others, Doug quickly became a top-producing agent and has been acknowledged as one of the top 25 real estate agents in the state.


Screen+Shot+2014-02-03+at+11_14_36+PM Joshua Barton is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and moved to Arizona in 2004. He went to San Jose State University   where he received a degree in finance and worked as a Financial Advisor at UBS Paine Webber in Silicon Valley. In 2005 he obtained  his real estate license and has been a full time Realtor and Real Estate Investor ever since. He has purchased over 2000 homes and  assisted buyers and sellers in hundreds of more transactions. He joined the Doug Hopkins team in 2009.