How to Sell Your House Fast Without a Realtor

Selling your home is a big deal. Expediting the process is a whole other deal. Regardless of what the motive behind selling your house is, the key element to accomplishing a quick sale for your house is to detach yourself from the emotional aspect. Once you have made the decision, you need to think from the buyer’s perspective. There are different kinds of takers for a house – a family looking for a new home, realtors looking for a good commission, or just somebody who wants to make a good investment for a resale.

You need to make your house an attractive proposition for all of the above mentioned. There are plenty of ways to set your house up as a valuable asset without having to invest a king’s ransom into it. Here are a few pointers on how to sell your home fast profitably and without turning to a realtor.

Step into the Buyer’s Shoes

We mentioned in the beginning how it’s necessary to think from the perspective of a buyer. So, the first thing you need to do is look at your house like a potential buyer would. We’re talking about pure curb value here. Forget the signs, forget the marketing. Just step out of the house onto the street, turn around, and take a good long look at it. Would you buy it? Again, it’s important to dump all emotional baggage you have about it. It is not your HOME, it is a HOUSE. What can you do to make somebody say, “Wow, that looks like something I would like to get for myself.”

First things first – Work on the exteriors. Get some fresh paint on the exterior walls, fix that broken fence, mow the loan and get a little landscaping done. These are little things but they do require you to spend some money, but remember it will get you a reasonably steady flow of prospects.

Give the Right Vibe

Okay, so now you have people looking at your house and stepping inside for enquiries. We don’t suggest you invest a great deal on improving your interiors. Sure, you need to take care of the basics. Leaky faucets, cracked walls, and any tell tale smells, windows and doors that don’t budge, all need to be taken care of. Apart from that, there’s no point in making any major overhauls as it really doesn’t add much to your sale price. You may be incapable of making an unbiased assessment of your interiors because it has grown on you. Call in friends or even realtors to give you an objective analysis. All you are trying to achieve here is to give the impression that the house is reasonably well maintained and that it will not crumbled down over the buyer’s head after he acquires it.

Remove Yourself

Again, you need to remember that you are selling a house for somebody else to use. You’re not selling your personal concept of a nice home. Buyers like to see a neutral image, so that it becomes easier for them to visualize their own home concept being implemented in their heads. So, prior to showing it to prospective buyers, make sure you remove all the “You” from your house. Designer furniture, a picture wall, quaint paint patterns, artifacts and souvenirs plastered to the wall, all of it needs to come down. Give prospective buyers a blank canvas look for your home. If you have bright personalized paint on your wall, cover it up with some neutral white or beige. It definitely makes a difference.

Leveraging the internet

These days, nothing gets sold fast without the internet. Market your house online. It gives you much more exposure. Get social media on your side. Get a professional photographer, take some high quality pictures, and post it on various social platforms like Craigslist, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. This way your house is on the market 24×7 and accessible to a much wider audience.

Local Real Estate Investment Association

You probably didn’t know it existed. Well it does. There is usually an REIA in just about every locality. They can prove to be extremely useful to you to expedite the sale process without taking the services of a realtor. Attend the meetings and try to mingle with real estate investors who may be checking the scene for new sites. Even if they are not making a direct investment on your home, they can provide you with valuable leads that could be a catalyst to sell.

Price it Carefully

Of course, pricing is everything. Many sellers make the mistake of overpricing their house to try out their luck. This is never a good idea. Get an expert opinion on getting a value fixed for your house. Realtors can come in handy or search for recent sales that have occurred in or near your locality. Do your homework and place a reasonable price for your house. The problem with overpricing is that you turn a lot of customers away and before you know your house is a “sitter” on the market. Once it gains a sitter reputation, you will find it hard to get some traction ever again. This is because all kinds of misinformation to get generated about why your house failed to sell. Local realtors may assume that the house failed to pass an inspection or that there is something wrong with the interior. At the end of the day, your house gets rejected by potential buyers even before they can take a look at it.

Time Your Sale

Timing is another factor you need to be looking into. Spring season is when the major share of the population makes their move to a new home. Various factors are involved. A family with kids will find it much easier to make the transition while their kids are on vacation. So, make sure your house is spic and span to welcome buyers by mid March or April.

You now probably have a decent outline on how to sell your house fast. Keep these tips in perspective and you may just be able to hit the jackpot in making the best deal for your house. If you have a house you no longer want or you are in trouble and need to sell your house fast, fill out the form below.

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